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Salon: Clothes, Carbon and Climate Justice
Location: Nicasio, CA
Time: 6:15pm 
Potluck, speakers, conversation and fun
Rebecca Burgess
Tuesday, Sept 22, 2015 - Clothes, Carbon and Climate Justice

How do our clothing choices impact the carbon cycle?What do dyes, fabrics, and clothing production have to do with climate change? Learn about full-cycle sustainable clothing production and how this supports living wages, flourishing soil, and a healthy climate.


Rebecca Burgess is the Executive Director of Fibershed. She is the author of the best-selling book Harvesting Color, a bioregional look into the natural dye traditions of North America. She has built an extensive network of farmers and artisans within our region’s Northern California Fibershed to pilot the regenerative fiber systems model at the community scale. Check out the Grow Your Jeans event on October 3 that is a celebration of Fibershed's work

Rachel F. Ginis
Rachel F. Ginis: Affordable Housing and Putting a Price on Carbon

Rachel held on to her home as single mom by temporarily turning the master bedroom into a lovely small apartment. That experience, along with her studies of housing patterns, led her to develop an innovative model for flexible, affordable infill housing and to successfully advocate for its adoption in California. She has been in residential design for over twenty years, has LEED accreditation, and is a general contractor.  Rachel is passionate about sustainability and has advocated for environmental issues at the local, state and federal level.  She founded the Marin Chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, and founded a nonprofit, Lilypad Homes that supports and facilitates the development of second units as a viable form of infill housing that reduces carbon emissions by allowing people to live in the communities where they work.  Rachel believes the home plays a critical role in personal and global well-being.

Host: Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D. 

Elizabeth is a facilitator and educator in the practices of resilience and wellbeing. Combining the wisdom of psychology, contemplative science, internal martial arts and neuroscience, she offers an approach to climate activism that weaves self-compassion, social justice, and community building. 

Host: Jeremy Lent

Jeremy is the author of Requiem of the Human Soul, and the forthcoming The Patterning Instinct: A History of Humanity's Search for Meaning. He founded the Liology Institute, dedicated to fostering a worldview that will enable humanity to thrive sustainably on this planet. 

Upcoming Salons

Claire Greensfelder

Claire is a brilliant strategist and activist who is on the forefront of organizing for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP 21 in Paris December 2015.  She is a Policy & Organizational Consultant working in the areas of Ecology, Justice, Peace, and Nonviolence and in support of Civil, Youth, Indigenous, and Women's Rights.  She is a co-founder of the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice campaign aimed at generating and showcasing grassroots women's actions, policy demands, and solutions towards COP 21. Claire is currently serving as Senior Advisor and Climate Campaign Consultant to the Women's Environment and Development Organization and Women in Europe for a Common Future, and as Director of the Safe Energy Project of INOCHI, a Japanese/US Citizens Organization co-founded by acclaimed artists/activists Mayumi Oda, Kaz Tanahashi, and friends in 1993. She is the principle author of INOCHI's  Safe Energy Handbook - 20th Anniversary Edition (to be released in December 2015).  In over four decades of activism, she has worked with dozens of NGOs and electoral campaigns including Greenpeace, the American Friends Service Committee, the International Forum on Globalization, Conversations with the Earth: Indigenous Voices on Climate Change, the Martin Luther King, Jr Freedom Center, the Women's Trust, Friends of the Earth International, the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, Jane Addams Center/Hull House, the Sierra Club, the Rainbow Coalition, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and many others.

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