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Climate Compassion Tools

These Climate Compassion Tools integrate contemplative practice and social action.

Compassion practice wakes us up out of a limited sense of self to extend our circles of care to include our entire human family and the web of life. The inherent kindness in compassion reflects this kinship. More than a mere feeling, these practices build the foundation for making structural changes for a just and equitable world.

These tools have been effective in building the capacity of inner resilience and embodied action. They have helped to build compassionate community and inspire greater social cohesion.

These are free to download and share, with more to come. I am very interested in your experiences and reflections. Please drop me a line with any questions or comments.

Use this practice to build the moral courage to work for racial justice, and bolster the inner strength to respond to incidents of racism. Additional resources: Rhonda Magee: ColorInsight and Ruth King: Mindful of Race

Are you overwhelmed by the suffering of others, ecological devastation and social injustice, or do you experience trauma or vicarious trauma in your work? This practice will help you tend to your wellbeing so you can continue to engage in proactive solutions. For more see Compassion: Bridging Practice And Science, chapters 14-15 (excellent ebook, free download).  

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