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Leading in Uncertain Times

Are you facing into the crises of our times? If you are in any way taking in the realities of climate breakdown or the great economic and social injustices of our times, then you are bearing the extraordinary responsibility of being a leader in these epic times.

And you need support.

Over are the days of the hero style of leadership. It is time for regenerative leadership that works toward the conditions of wellbeing for self, community, human family and web of life.

My coaching programs are designed to offer you a compassionate context to transform your leadership challenges into opportunities for growth and greater wellbeing. We will work with whatever is most relevant and meaningful to you. I will look for leverage points where you can make the greatest change with the least effort - going deep into the key patterns that may have served you very well for years, but are outdated and are probably causing you stress and unwanted outcomes now.


We also work with the body quite a bit, through somatic diagnostics and processes that allow you to transform the way you respond to stress and challenges. Most clients find the somatic work enlivening, fun and revelatory. These in-sessions practices are complemented by take-home practices tailored for you.


My approach is compassionate and supportive, while also discerning and direct.


This program includes a self-assessment on your part both before and after the set of coaching sessions, identifying a key leadership challenge, and receiving support and specific practices for that challenge. The focus may be designing a regenerative life practice or one particular keystone challenge (that if changed, has the power to transform your life and leadership). In either case, you will have an ally dedicated to your flourishing.

As mentioned above one of the unique aspects of this coaching is the inclusion of embodiment practices that can help to enhance leadership presence and create more ease and harmony in our bodies. I also use a trauma-informed approach.

You may opt for a brief coaching engagement of 4 sessions (this will give you some powerful somatic imprints and potential for new behaviors) or a longer program of 6 months for deeper transformation and ongoing support.

Sessions take place in North Berkeley. Coaching by Lisa (Elizabeth) Ferguson, Ph.D. Certified Leadership Embodiment Coach and integrator of multiple disciplines (including compassion, mindfulness, somatics, trauma awareness, improv, and multiple psycho-social approaches) that inform a unique approach to coaching.


If all of the above resonates with you, please Email Lisa with your interest. 

If you are unable to afford coaching, I have a limited number of slots available for low-cost coaching. More information here.


Lisa Ferguson, a uniquely gifted, compassionate, and inclusive trainer, immediately created a brave space for me to learn and practice embodied leadership in total vulnerability, drawing me into the goal of continual practice, not finished perfection. These teachings helped me strengthen professional and personal relationships, shift my presence in meetings, and more effectively manage stress. One of the most thoughtful and powerful moments of Lisa’s training is learning the process of speaking up. Lisa’s intentional and clear guidance takes you through this spiritual and physical process, engaging you in movements, review, and reflection. It was both empowering and humbling to be trained by Lisa, a most genuine and passionate soul. By learning embodied leadership from Lisa Ferguson, you will feel as though you have received a very special gift, one you will be compelled to honor through continual practice." 


Katherine Walsh, SERC (Student Environmental Resource Center) Director, University of California at Berkeley

Coaching with Lisa has been enlightening and transformational. Lisa is a consummate professional that I recommend wholeheartedly. She carefully interviewed me to find out my goals and priorities, listened perceptively, and drew out and focused on the pivotal areas that needed work, with the utmost care and insight. I felt completely safe to try new roads, make mistakes, and learn from my mistakes. Her embodied practices also improved my centeredness and resilience. I can now meet the world from a grounded place with my arms stretched wide open. I am now 100% more effective in my immigration activist work.

Rodrigo Torres, Immigration Activist

Lisa Ferguson is a skillful listener and ally to those doing the hard work of honing ourselves to be better leaders in serving people and planet. Her no-nonsense yet refreshingly friendly and gentle approach combines to create an atmosphere of acceptance and eager learning.


I am grateful not only for helping me develop better habits around compassion, self-direction, and perspective when faced with challenges, but applaud her commitment to share her work with others on the frontlines of environmental justice and climate action.


- Y.H., Professor of Environmental Philosophy

Lisa’s somatic therapy really allowed me to start viewing the challenges of working with others in my social and climate justice work as opportunities for leadership, and to transform toxic default stances and negative coping mechanisms by learning how to better notice how I externalize these positions in my physical body, and how noticing this can lead to psychological and emotional transformations internally. I would highly recommend Lisa’s approach to anyone struggling to find the internal resources and tools for the self-transformation necessary for some of us in engaging in the very demanding work of attempting to transform the world around us for the better.


Saki Bailey

Environmental Justice Solutions

Resilience training offers hands-on, personalized and practical techniques for becoming more aware of our habitual patterns of dealing with stress in personal and professional situations. Lisa is a thoughtful, skillful, gifted, generous teacher who is passionate about helping people experience more powerful and joyful lives. The sessions I had with Lisa provided me with simple but effective new confidence-boosting techniques and tools with which to stay focused and connected with my life goals and sources of inspiration.


- John J., Author

Lisa’s unique coaching techniques bring a different layer of intelligence and experience for deepening knowledge of self. Her new perspective and reflections were extremely helpful and had a lasting impact on my daily thinking.


-Matt R., Nonprofit Executive

Lisa’s teachings have been life-changing for me. I am more self-aware and better able to respond to life’s challenges because of what I have learned in her two-hour Resilience for Activists workshop and in subsequent one-on-one somatic leadership coaching sessions. Her knowledge, compassion, and ability to embody the centering practices she is teaching make Lisa an incredibly effective coach.


Ingrid H.,  Mother and activist, Oakland CA

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