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Could you use some support for your endeavors in creating a just and thriving world? Do you have limited disposable income? If so, you are welcome to apply for this low-cost coaching program of minimum 4 sessions to focus on one particular leadership challenge. The coaching combines an opportunity for you to discuss your current intentions and challenges. You'll receive  somatic leadership coaching and support for your own regenerative life practices.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until slots are filled each quarter. The cost for the fellowship program is $150 for the entire program (a significantly reduced rate) and a commitment to pay it forward.


The framework of this fellowship is regenerative leadership. Rather than encouraging the development of an individual hero/leader, we focus on leadership as  tending to the conditions of systemic wellbeing and flourishing, including your own.


  • Gain support for a key leadership challenge 

  • Discover embodied leadership practices for greater presence and ease

  • Explore regenerative life design/practices


This program includes a self-assessment both before and after the set of coaching sessions, identifying a key leadership challenge, and receiving support and specific practices for that challenge. The focus may be designing a regenerative life practice or one particular keystone challenge (that if changed, has the power to transform your life and leadership). In either case, you will have an ally dedicated to your flourishing.

One of the unique aspects of this coaching is the inclusion of embodiment practices that can help to enhance leadership presence and create more ease and harmony in our bodies. I also use a trauma-informed approach. 

  • 4 coaching sessions *

  • Personal assessments before, during and after the coaching series

  • Regular practice homework (that can be integrated right into your life)

Sessions take place in North Berkeley. Coaching by Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D. Certified Leadership Embodiment Coach and integrator of multiple disciplines (including compassion, mindfulness, somatics, trauma awareness, improv, and multiple psycho-social approaches) that inform a unique approach to coaching. 

*If mutually agreed, the coaching can be extended up to 12 sessions.


If all of the above resonates with you, please apply here. Questions? Email Lisa.


"Lisa Ferguson, a uniquely gifted, compassionate, and inclusive trainer, immediately created a brave space for me to learn and practice embodied leadership in total vulnerability, drawing me into the goal of continual practice, not finished perfection. These teachings helped me strengthen professional and personal relationships, shift my presence in meetings, and more effectively manage stress. One of the most thoughtful and powerful moments of Lisa’s training is learning the process of speaking up. Lisa’s intentional and clear guidance takes you through this spiritual and physical process, engaging you in movements, review, and reflection. It was both empowering and humbling to be trained by Lisa, a most genuine and passionate soul. By learning embodied leadership from Lisa Ferguson, you will feel as though you have received a very special gift, one you will be compelled to honor through continual practice." 

Katherine Walsh, SERC (Student Environmental Resource Center) Director, University of California at Berkeley

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