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If you are concerned about the climate/justice crisis, an activist or wanting to get active, you are welcome to join a community circle


These are small, intimate groups exploring the inner work of climate action. These are places to bring all of the parts of us (the passionate, dedicated and visionary parts as well as the burned out, numb, grieving, angry and scared parts) and meet them with compassion and awareness. This helps to build resilience, reduce conflict, and support skillful climate engagement. 


The intention is for these groups to become safe places to work with our parts, open to more compassion for ourselves and others, and to support our capacity to engage skillfully. Rather than seeing ourselves or others as projects to be fixed, we can tend our deep healing, awakening, and unfolding of ourselves and each other. We will focus on parts, as well as the unconditional, compassionate aspect of our nature that is always available.


Groups will meet for 5-6 weeks at a time in a cohort. During each meeting, there will be time for group work, deeper dives, parts work, and compassion and awareness practices. Each person will have some time to reflect on and share what is arising in relationship to climate action: what’s getting in the way, difficult emotions, conflicts or situations that want attention and healing.


Coming together, in a shared confidential and compassionate space to turn toward what hurts, or what has been lost and fragmented in us, is a way of knowing our own wholeness. Community is medicine when we meet in this way. I invite you to join us.  


There is a brief application required. (If you are interested but the times don't work for you, please indicate in the application and another cohort could be offered at a different time if there’s interest.)

Facilitated by Lisa Ferguson, Ph.D., Founder of Climate Compassion, which fosters the regeneration and wellbeing of inner and outer ecosystems through supporting psychospiritual wellbeing and skillful action toward a just transition. She is a therapeutic practitioner, facilitator, activist and convener, who supports climate justice activists with an integrative approach to awakening, healing and serving through private sessions, training, healing spaces and gatherings.

Spring cohorts have completed.

Please contact us if you are interested in

Spring and Fall programs.

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