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that can prevent runaway climate change
create the conditions
for mutual flourishing

Are you deeply disturbed by ecological disruption and injustice?

Are you called to offer your love and action for the healing of our world?

You are invited to join a small cohort of courageous beings who are ready to respond to our current crisis and bring in the dawn of a new culture. You will become part of a compassionate and supportive learning cohort that will help you metabolize the grief of our current situation into a positive offering for current and future generations.

Our ecological life support systems are in danger, and our mainstream culture maintains an extractive economy that amplifies inequities and injustice. The latest IPCC report gives only 10 years to halt our current emissions to prevent runaway climate change. Even if we accomplished that goal, there remains a real likelihood of ecological collapse and the need for a profound transformation of civilization.

We do not know the future success of our actions, but we can do everything in our power

to protect our current web of life and future generations.

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This program is designed to support you in cultivating wisdom, compassion, courage and skill to respond to these times:

  1. Create an inspiring, practical action plan unique to you based on your circumstances, place, community, needs and offerings.

  2. Cultivate increased psychological well-being and resilience to trauma

  3. Engage in practices from wisdom traditions that restore sacred harmony

  4. Learn practical skills to sustain yourself and community through disruptive changes


  • Dates: TBD

  • Location: Berkeley, CA

  • By Donation: ($0-108, suggested donation $80) – You are welcome to pay what works for you, no one turned away for lack of funds.


*There may be an option to participate via a 3-day residential retreat, webinar format, or in a subsequent cohort. Please indicate your interest and available days in the application form.

Please email Climate Compassion indicating your interest and/or questions.

All inquiries welcome!

Planned Course Content Summary:

  • Personal Audit/Assessment of Your Current Lifeways in Context of Our Ecological-Social Crises

  • Trauma-informed Psychosocial Resilience and Wellbeing Skills (working with grief, overwhelm and trauma)

  • Introduction to Regenerative Design and Practice

  • Practices for Deepening Wisdom, and Widening Our Circles of Compassion

  • Practices for Vision and Intention - Living into a New Culture

  • Non-violence: Unraveling structural racism, genderism/patriarchy and economic inequality

  • Creating an Action Plan (with support) for mutual flourishing

  • Community: Fostering connection, joy, collaboration and gratitude

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Facilitated by:

Lisa Ferguson, Founder of Climate Compassion.  

More details on Climate Compassion and Lisa’s bio.

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