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Salon: Exploring Generative Political Dialogue
Exploring Generative Political Dialogue and Action:
Interactive Salon

In this recent political moment many of us have experienced disappointment, exhaustion, fear, outrage and even strong disagreements with people we thought held the same basic values. 


Let’s come together and explore a “generative” (instead of reactive) political discourse with each other and discover what is possible between us. We can generate ways to create a social context for the wellbeing of all, including integrating our various experiences and perspectives. 

Can we shift culture from fear and separation to courage, compassion, and creativity?  


I (Elizabeth) will be facilitating this workshop that will draw from my experience with Presencing and Theory U, interpersonal neurobiology, Leadership Embodiment (based on Aikido), and improv. We’ll have the opportunity to express, connect, learn and have some fun too!


Everyone who is interested in exploring compassionate, generative dialogue is welcome.

Click this image for the article One Earth: Two Social Fields by Otto Scharmer on how we can move from ego-system to eco-system awareness. 

Image by Kelvy Bird, copyright Otto Scharmer, Presencing Institute. 

Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth is a facilitator and educator in the practices of resilience and wellbeing. Combining the wisdom of psychology, contemplative science, internal arts and neuroscience, she offers an approach to climate activism that weaves self-compassion, social justice, and community building. 

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