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Freedom Farmer's Market Oakland 
Ready to be a part of community solutions to build food and social justice?
Sunday, April 16th
Farms to Grow Offices (Alameda, Carpool Available)
Learn More and RSVP Here

You're invited to take part in the special hack-day for the Freedom Farmers Market.


All are welcome, especially seeking:

Brand Strategists

to create press releases, copywriting, and any social media strategies for the launch

Graphic Designers

to create fliers and any promotional materials that reflect the unique spirit of the Market

Smart Techies

to build tools to help Farms to Grow track produce and logistics more effectively


In this 5-hour strategy hack-day we will start by learning about how the livelihood of underrepresented farmers connects to our community and by the end we will produce comprehensive materials (flyer, social media strategy, outreach strategy, and more efficient business systems) to launch the 2017 Freedom Farmers' Market, spotlighting African American and socially disadvantaged farmers, healthy food, and community building.

Learn More and RSVP Here

Did you know?

Even though African American farmers have thousands of years of agricultural wisdom and culture, African American farmer only makes an average of $1,000 a year. Be a part of changing that story. 

Climate Compassion is a co-host of this event, along with:

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