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Interspecies Allies
Interspecies Allies: Widening Our Sense of Self And Practical Applications for Ecological And Environmental Justice

Environmental philosopher and political theorist, Yogi Hale Hendlin,

explores the possibility of being interspecies allies through these questions:

  • interspecies intersubjectivity (shared cognition) with nonhuman beings 

  • making the case for interspecies political inclusion 

  • practical societal applications for ecological and environmental justice

  • interspecies ethics and rights


In Yogi's own words, the aim of the presentation: "By the time we part, you realize you are an ecology, an orchestra, a rhizome - not an individual." 

We will explore specific and practical means to embodying our interconnection with all of life and living systems. 

Yogi Hale Hendlin, Ph.D. is an applied and theoretical environmental philosopher, who studies structural and systemic functioning at the intersection of nature and society.


He is currently working on a book manuscript titled Interspecies Politics, imagining a politics of difference inclusive of the more-than-human world. 


His public health policy research extends crucial philosophical and ethical insights into real impact in the world. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Before UCSF, he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, on an Austrian National Science Foundation grant he co-wrote titled “New Directions in Plant Ethics.”

Yogi's Website - Yogi's Blog

Host: Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth is a facilitator and educator in the practices of resilience and wellbeing. Combining the wisdom of psychology, contemplative science, internal martial arts and neuroscience, she offers an approach to leadership that weaves self-compassion, social justice, and community building. 

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