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Plant-Based Food Lab
Plant-based Food Lab
Thursday, June 28, 2018
North Berkeley (RSVP for location)
6:30pm-9:00pm - Food Lab
Free, RSVP Required

This interactive “food lab” will provide an opportunity to learn and share skills for plant-based diets. Research shows that a largely plant-based diet is best for the climate and health, so let’s learn together how to make this way of eating a delicious communal experience.


Meat eaters are most welcome. This is an inclusive event where those of us who are simply curious, transitioning, or plant-based food jedis can all come together to eat tasty food, learn new tricks, and explore a path of just and thriving foodways.


I ask everyone to bring a prepared plant-based dish. It may include the glorious produce of late Spring, the mysteries of aquafaba, vegan wine and cheese, plant-based meat alternatives, something takeout or a favorite treat like vegan jerky– whatever inspires you. We’ll eat “tiny-tapas” style so that everyone can have a bite of this and that.


Please come with your questions, favorite hacks, and tasty treats. 

This lab is on a Thursday, the same day as the nearby organic Berkeley Farmer's market (Shattuck @ Rose 3pm-7pm).


Project Drawdown on Their 4th Most Effective Climate Solution: Plant-Rich Diet

What Is The True Cost of Eating Meat? Bibi van der Zee for The Guardian

Host: Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D. Founder, Climate Compassion

Full disclosure: Though I've been through a lot of food transitions, I'm not 100% plant-based. I first started to eat vegetarian at 15 after reading Diet for A New America by John Robbins. Despite my best intentions, I would backslide on pepperoni pizza for the next few years. I have been vegetarian for most of my life since then, and I've explored various diets from lacto-ovo vegetarian, raw vegan, gluten-free, gluttony, fruitarian and fasting (those last two didn't last long). Although I know how important eating a largely plant-based diet is for health, climate and ethical reasons, I also have a lot of understanding and compassion for the challenge of making the transition. Let's make it easier - and more fun! - by doing it together.

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