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Systems Thinking And Leverage Points
Systems Thinking And Leverage Points

Many of us are more engaged in civic action than we’ve ever been. It’s like a great awakening has rippled through the fabric of our society. We’re showing up in the streets, in airports, in meetings and on phone calls to our congresspeople.


For all of our courage and dedication, are we using effective leverage points for systemic wellbeing?  Let’s up our game with systems thinking.


An insight from systems thinking is that we are often going about our interventions in exactly the opposite direction of our intended outcome. For example, we may recognize growth as a key leverage point in poverty, hunger, environmental destruction. But most are pushing for more growth to solve the problem, and yet that only makes it worse (or we focus on growth in quantity rather than quality).


Join us for conversation, interactive processes, and leave with a new insights for your activism and contributions.


Please read the excellent article Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System by Donella Meadows before attending the salon (I know we’re all busy – if you really can’t read it, please at least review the list of 9 places to intervene toward the end of the article).

Host: Elizabeth Ferguson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth is a facilitator and educator in the practices of resilience and wellbeing. Combining the wisdom of psychology, contemplative science, internal martial arts and neuroscience, she offers an approach to leadership that weaves self-compassion, social justice, and community building. 

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