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Embodying Anti-Racism Course
Feb 2 - March 9, 2021. Six-week online course in embodying anti-racism.
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Previous Events

Every Step a Prayer Film
Fundraiser for the film Every Step a Prayer: Refinery Corridor Healing Walks. How we can respond to the climate crisis with love and inclusivity.
East Bay Permanent Real Estate Coop
Join Noni Session of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Coop May 23, 2018
What's Next After GCAS?
What's Next After the Global Climate Action Summit? Join us for an interactive debrief in Oakland.
Energy Democracy
Learn how 100% clean energy can also be just and equitable with Crystal Huang of CrossPollinators
Compassion-Based ResilienceWebinar
Webinar Intro to Compassion-Based Resilience: Video and Resources
Benefit for WSWA Oakland
Learn from and benefit WSWA, a mutual aid organization in West Oakland that is a model for a just transition.
Save West Berkeley Shellmound
Save The West Berkeley Shellmound with Corrina Gould February 6, 2018
Salon: Facing Our Climate Crisis Tog
Salon: Facing Our Climate Crisis Together
Difficult Times as a Catalyst for Awaken
Online April 5th 2020
Solar for Puerto Rico
Barrio Solar Update with Fritjof Capra And Team
Project Drawdown
Project Drawdown Salon with Research Director Chad Frischman
Regenerative Economy - Kevin Bayu
Regenerative Economy salon with Kevin Bayuk
East Bay Sanctuary Covenant
Fundraiser for East Bay Sanctuary Covenant
Fritjof Capra
Fritjof Capra, a prominent physicist and systems theorist, is the internationally acclaimed author of The Tao of Physics.
Gender Equity: Be the Solution
Learn how to design specific ways to increase gender equity.
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