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Our Offerings:

Workshops, Trainings, Coaching, Consulting

We offer workshops, trainings and coaching in Resilience, Leadership, and Compassion.


We train for resilient, compassionate leadership at three levels of scale: individual, social and structural/ecological. True resilience and wellbeing is rooted in equity, connected communities, healthy ecology as well as individual practices for wellbeing.Wellbeing and resilience are natural outcomes of social and racial equity, creating connection across divides, and personal awareness and somatic practices.

Compassion is at the heart of what we do. And by compassion we mean compassionate action we take for mutual flourishing. We can only be well if we are creating the conditions for the wellbeing of all life, justice for all beings, and cultivating the kindness in ourselves to integrate the light and shadow of it all. 


Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you to design and deliver compassion-based resilience and leadership programs for your team, organization, or community. Also see our public offerings on our home page events section.

This program is designed to support you in cultivating wisdom, compassion, courage and skill to respond to these times of ecological disruption and injustice. Along with an small and dedicated cohort, we'll focus on action plans with material benefit for our communities as well as the psycho-spiritual practices and transformation necessary to support wise action. See Eco-Compassion Leadership Program.

Compassion-Based Resilience Programs

We offer in-person and online training programs in compassion-based resilience. 

Learn how to use the practices of compassion to reduce burnout, increase wellbeing, contribute to social equity, and cultivate a more compassionate workplace. 

Please join our mailing list for invitations to participate.

Our sessions give you immediate feedback on your current limiting habits followed by practices to handle stress better, generate effective outcomes, and increase your capacity to be a transformative leader.


We are especially interested in supporting the leadership of those who have not had access to leadership development and coaching, and who are working toward a more just and flourishing world. 

All coaching engagements are on a sliding scale, with a few very low-cost fellowship spaces each year. Please contact us for details. 

We offer a few coaching slots at an nominal rate for those who otherwise cannot take advantage of such a program. For application and more information please see here our low-cost coaching program page

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