What is Climate Compassion?


Climate Compassion is a way of responding to the socio-ecological challenges of our times with compassionate action. We aim to be a node of mutual flourishing, that shifts culture toward a life-sustaining society. Climate compassion extends beyond environmental climate to a social climate of equity and justice through cultivating inclusion, love, respect, and dignity for all

Through community events, workshops and trainings, Climate Compassion inspires widening circles of compassionate action, rippling from self-compassion to taking action for the benefit of our human family and the web of life, for current and future generations

We offer:

  • Community events, such as salons featuring thought leaders that provide an opportunity to break bread and develop meaningful connections among participants

  • Resilience Incubators that help to develop the resilience practices to sustain us through the challenges of the transition to a life-sustaining society

  • Workshops and Trainings on a variety of topics, from Bystander Intervention to transformative practice and leadership

  • Consulting for organizations engaged in life-enhancing work

See our home page for upcoming events, and stay tuned for ongoing trainings and workshops. 


Elizabeth (Lisa) Ferguson, Ph.D.

Founder of Climate Compassion


Background: I hold a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology in which I studied approaches to wellbeing, transformation and meaning that go beyond a traditional ego focus. I was a consultant in Silicon Valley for over a decade in Usability Research, working with leading tech companies to improve user-interfaces. Translating user feedback to designers, engineers and product managers taught me much about communication across domains, and the importance of listening deeply to those most affected by a product or system.  I have practiced for many years as a coach and consultant to change agents who are helping to transform culture.  I am currently a facilitator and coach with the aim of increasing resilience, wellbeing, leadership and a practice of mutual flourishing. I hold many certifications in transformative practices, leadership and social change, including: Permaculture Design (Occidental Arts & Ecology Center), Leadership Embodiment, and Radiant Heart Qi Gong .  The study of living systems, regenerative practice, interpersonal neurobiology, meditation and martial arts greatly influence my work. I founded Climate Compassion in 2015.

I create communal environments for transformation, compassion, and integration. From hosting salons, teaching mindful movement to underserved populations, to coaching regenerative leadership, the most important intention of my work is mutual flourishing for all life. 

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