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Climate Compassion is Climate Action

There are many ways to take action. From direct action to transforming economics and worldview, to supporting indigenous calls for support, you can take action locally and globally and in a way that suits your gifts.

Supporting Indigenous Movements

Amazon Watch

WECAN (Women's Earth and Climate Action Network International)

Segorea Te Land Trust

Direct Action:

Fierce Vulnerability Network

Youth vs. The Apocalypse


Project Drawdown

(Resources for Climate Solutions, research, education and workplace settings)

Regeneration Nexus

(Resources for ending the Climate Crisis in one generation.)

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

(Permaculture Training and more)


(Developing regional fiber systems that build soil and protect our biosphere)

Changing Systems

Lift Economy

East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative

People Power Solar

Sustainable Economies Law Center

Additional Resources:

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

Movement Generation


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