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Awakening Healing and Action for Planetary Wellbeing

A mini-training and practice group for activists and change agents

Seven-week online course

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Contemplative Practice

A time to slow down and invite a recognition of our innate Being, our shared wholeness

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Psychological Healing

Through the practice of parts work we welcome all the parts within us and learn to infuse compassion throughout our psyche and develop inner friendliness

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The Call of Action

As we turn toward our planetary crises, we listen deeply for what is being called forth from us, how we can embody our recognition of wholeness and compassion in our work for planetary wellbeing

Program Description

Each of us has a unique and meaningful contribution to make to

planetary wellbeing, and our contribution is served by tending to our awakening and healing


Awakening - Healing - Action


This program weaves together the three themes of awakening, healing and action for planetary wellbeing.

  • We’ll spend time in contemplative inquiry that points us toward our innate Being that is already whole and full of capacities.

  • We’ll dive into parts work as a compassionate, empowering and effective way to bring healing to our psyches and reduce conflict in our organizing.

  • From this basis, we find greater capacity to turn toward the suffering in the world and as well as the deeper calling that can guide our wise action.


Being in Community, Developing Capacity


It is important that we do this work in community and with a deeper recognition of our shared wholeness and humanity. Systemic issues like climate disruption, racial gender bias, and economic inequality are often internalized as individual issues that we must grapple with on our own, strengthening a sense of a separate self and private shame, guilt, confusion and fear.


As we explore together our shared innate Being (which is fundamental, boundless, unchanging) and tend kindly to our fragmented parts, we develop more capacity to face these crises with clarity and courage, allowing us to build solidarity and embody wise action to address systemic imbalances.

Financial Contribution


Ranging from what you can afford up to $250.


Often financial contribution is a proxy for commitment. Rather than tying commitment to the fee, you are welcome to pay a fee that works for you, with the understanding that the true reciprocity comes through showing up in the group and in the work you’re doing. 


25% of proceeds will be offered in reciprocity to a climate justice organization.

If this intersection of awakening, healing and planetary action resonates with you, please apply. Spaces are limited as we will have a smallish cohort to foster deeper connections.

Hosted by:


Lisa Ferguson, Ph.D., is the founder of Climate Compassion, and has focused on supporting planetary wellbeing as a healing arts practitioner, climate justice activist, organizer and contemplative.  She offers psychospiritual support to activists through one-one sessions and small groups, weaving together a focus on awakening, healing and wise action.

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