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Preparing for True Climate Leadership
Get Ready for The Global Climate Action Summit
Preparing for True Climate Leadership
Get Ready for The Global Climate Action Summit
Tuesday, August 28, 2018
North Berkeley (RSVP for location)
6:30pm-7:00pm - Casual Potluck
7:00pm-9:00pm - Program
Free, RSVP Required
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In the lead up to the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco this September, let's come together to prepare for true global climate action. We've all been impacted by climate chaos now in one way or another, and this is the time to take action.

The upcoming summit will bring international attention to San Francisco and convene a global effort to address climate change. Governor Brown is convening this summit with representatives from around the world to take action toward the Paris Climate Accord. While there is plenty that governments could do, there is even more that we, the people, can do. Learn about the various  efforts that are uplifting authentic climate justice and exposing false solutions:

September 8th Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice march


People's Climate Calendar

People's Climate Actions Sept 2-14

Solidarity to Solutions actions

Women's Assembly for Climate Justice

If you are attending the salon and involved in a solidarity initiative you may present your action to the group for 3 minutes. Come learn about the ecosystem of initiatives and co-create with your community. 

We will also have an additional 15-minute segment of preparing our bodies for this work through some embodied leadership practices that are accessible, easy and potent tools for reducing stress and leading collaboratively in these challenging times. 

Although we are focused on true climate leadership, you can see the official Global Climate Action Summit for more context as well as their Affiliated Events

Additional speakers just added: Ezra Silk and Armando Davila:

Ezra Silk is co-founder and director of strategy & policy for The Climate Mobilization, a national organization grounded in climate truth and justice and devoted to launching an emergency mobilization to restore a safe climate. He is currently supporting the Leap L.A. / Mobilize L.A. coalition to establish a Los Angeles Climate Emergency Mobilization Department. After studying history and editing the student newspaper in college, Ezra moved to the coast of Maine to work as a newspaper reporter covering local government affairs. He has worked as a reporter for The Bar Harbor Times, The Lakes Region Weekly, and The Hartford Courant. Ezra co-founded The Climate Mobilization with Margaret Klein Salamon in 2014, and in 2016 published The Victory Plan, which explores how America could contribute its fair share to a global mobilization to protect humanity and secure justice. Ezra also helped draft language that was added to the Democratic Party platform 2016 and the DNC platform in 2018 declaring a “global climate emergency,” and calling for a massive mobilization on the scale of World War II to restore a safe climate.

Armando Davila is the son of city council member Cheryl Davila and was instrumental in getting the Cityof Berkeley to declare a Climate Emergency. 

Facilitator and Host:
Elizabeth (Lisa ) Ferguson, Ph.D.
Founder, Climate Compassion
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